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Calibration rig Cernay

Calibrated conductivity

Process control and monitoring under varying conditions

The calibrated conductivity measurement of Proline Promag flowmeters is an additional measuring parameter to improve process efficiency. Serving as an indicator for product quality by detecting media and process impurities, it prevents unexpected downtime and allows for process and CIP control, product monitoring, water monitoring, or leakage detection under varying conductivities.


  • Enhanced product quality

  • Improved process efficiency

  • Less unexpected plant shutdowns

  • Cost savings: reduced product losses and use of detergent

Conductivity measurement with electromagnetic flowmeters

Conductivity is crucial in a wide variety of applications. Endress+Hauser’s Proline Promag devices use a patented technology to measure conductivity with a repeatability of up to ±1% and an accuracy of up to ±5%. To achieve this accuracy, conductivity measurement is calibrated during the factory flow calibration.